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About Linking Opportunity


Organizations have a constant need of volunteers for their various events.  On the other end, high school students are looking for volunteering opportunities to get involved in events in their community.  After some serious thought and leg work, I decided to found Linking Opportunity to facilitate and connect high school students with organizations.  

Linking Opportunity is a Bellevue-based nonprofit organization that connects high school students seeking volunteering opportunities to organizations seeking volunteers for their various events in the community.  We identified the need to fill the void created by traditional volunteering match sites, with our key focus on high school students.  We believe volunteering should start early and stay forever!

We plan to achieve our goal by reaching out to

  • Non-profit organizations and making their various events and volunteering needs available to high school students in their communities, and
  • High school students through screened and designated individual student leaders from schools in the area, PTSAs, school career counselors and school district administrators.  We expect to spread the word through various mediums, including the school activities, volunteering and PTSA web pages, school newspaper and bulletin boards.

Linking Opportunity will facilitate volunteers to search for volunteering opportunities of their interest, and allow them to submit their request to register for desired events.  We will aggregate these requests and forward them to respective organizations.  Together, we can make it happen!


Linking Opportunity's mission is to connect high school volunteers with community organizations that provide volunteer opportunities in order for students to create a broad impact through public service.  The idea is to "bring young ideas, enthusiasm and excellence to public service."


Linking Opportunity's vision is to connect all high school volunteers to a multitude of organizations to create the greatest community impact and to keep change active in everyday life; this vision will be conducive to getting high school students to give back throughout the rest of their lives.

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Donations Minimize
Linking Opportunity is a non-profit organization that can provide this service only through support.  If you believe in this cause and would like to help out, please open your heart and send us your donations.  No amount is too small or big.  Thank you for your continued support.
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